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At Afenoid® Enterprise Group, we define “Digital Transformation” as “a systematic and disciplined implementation of a strategic roadmap that leverages data and technology capabilities to reinvent business and operating models in order to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of an enterprise.” 

Digital-age organizations cannot succeed without great technology, astute technologists, digitally competent personnel, and agile business practices. Our goal for digital transformation consulting is to help organizations to improve their digital capabilities and performance, and to stay competitive in today's digital landscape. 

Afenoid® Enterprise Group works with organizations to identify areas where digital solutions can improve business performance and efficiency, and then helps to develop and implement a strategy to bring about these changes. We help your organisation to understand the current digital landscape, identify the best digital solutions to meet their needs, and develop a plan to implement these solutions.

Our digital transformation consulting services help to leverage digital technologies, tools, and platforms needful to transform your business operations and processes, improve performance and drive growth. We help organisations to accumulate and leverage suitable, adequate, and effective digital capabilities they require to rapidly stabilize, optimize, and improve their business operations. These capabilities serve as drivers of value creation, risk optimisation (value preservation), resource optimisation and strategic competitiveness. 

Our holistic approach involves working with different departments and stakeholders within and outside your organization to understand their specific needs and requirements, and to ensure that the digital solutions align with the stakeholders’ transformational vision and overall business strategy.

Our service managers will provide you with details of:
-how we identify digital technologies, solutions, and tools and surface opportunities for improving business performance and effeciency, 
-how we help enterprises to identify and mitigate all risks associated with the digital transformation,
-how we implement an aligned digital strategy to enable strategic transformational changes, 
-how we proactively identify and mitigate business risks associated with digital transformation at different risk levels including strategic, programme, project, operational and cybersecurity risks,
-how we catalyse the needed changes in cultural imperatives and human behaviour,
-how we plan and manage the transition to a new digital systems and processes.

Digital strategy development
We serve as your digital strategy partner. A digital strategy is a plan of action for using digital technologies, tools, and platforms to achieve specific business objectives. It outlines the steps an organization will take to optimize its digital presence, engage with customers and stakeholders, and achieve its goals. A digital strategy typically includes the following elements:
-Analysis of your  organization's current digital capabilities and performance
-Identification of your organization's target audience and goals for digital engagement
-Selection of the digital platforms and tools that will be used to reach the target audience and achieve the goals
-Development of a content and engagement plan to be executed on the selected platforms and tools
-Implementation of programs and projects-- tactics and actions-- to narrow the gaps between the desired state and the current state while minimising value leakages and eliminating imbalance in digital portfolios.
-Measuring and analyzing the performance of the digital strategy and making adjustments as needed
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Design and Development of Governance and Management Systems
Every organization is unique, and their uniqueness influences their conditions and options. The purpose of an effective governance system is to create value for its stakeholders. The stakeholders are those who are delivering or realizing benefits, those who are the resources or providing resources, and those who are bearing or managing business risks.  

To realize value, there must be a healthy balance of benefit realization, risk optimisation and resource optimisation. We leverage the leading ISACA framework, COBIT, to design a tailored governance system for enterprises of any size. Our approach is holistic, dynamic, and simple. We interrogate the design factors to adapt COBIT for enterprise governance of information and technology. The design factors include enterprise strategy, enterprise goals, organizational pain points, risk profile, threat landscape, technology adoption strategy, solutions development methodology, role of IT, sourcing model for IT, compliance requirements and the enterprise size. We devise the following tailored capabilities to narrow the gap between the desired state and current state of the organization: principles, policies, and procedures; services, infrastructure, and applications; culture, ethics, and behaviour; process work products; organizational structure; processes; people, skills, and competencies.

Digital capability assessments  
As the saying goes, “if you don't know where you are, even a map cannot help you!”. Our team at Afenoid Enterprise Group seeks to understand the context of your organization to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the capabilities of your services, infrastructures, and applications, and identify opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, we provide a means of monitoring the effectiveness of the capability improvement initiatives over time. 
We have developed toolkits to aid self-assessment by an individual in the organization or by multiple individuals at an organisation with the ability to compare and average their results. Our knowledgeable consultants also provide independent facilitated assessment.

The assessment exercise helps your organization to glean insights from answers to the following questions:
-Are we doing the right things?
-Are we doing them the right way?
-Are we getting them done well?
-Are we getting the benefits?

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